Redstone ray

Language English 汉语 Français

Education Secondary 18/30 Credits
Major OSSD
Internet DSL
Platforms Win10 Ubuntu Android OS 9
Characteristic As Pigeon


Learning Java and python (and a bit of HTML/CSS to make this site).
Also knows some C++ for Arduino robots.
Preparing for AP Java and CCC.

I am managing a Minecraft Network (Developer).
Here is the link to the website: Imboxmc

I am more of a science person,
(not a fan of William Shakespeare, which
is a main componet of English class)


Only interested in one game--Minecraft
Loves building, redstone and writing plugins
was a fan of command blocks, but (then I met Java).

Things I do in spare times are reading, exercising (Biking, swimming) and cooking.
I'm not used to western food, so I try my best to reproduce hometown tastes.
I love travelling (mainly by train) whenever I have time, experiencing different cultures. And to taste different iconic dishes.

Languages Python Java C++ HTML/CSS SQL
Countries I been to China Canada USA Netherlands Tailand
Airlines Hainan Airlines Westjet Air Canada